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Awaken Your True Calling

Awaken Your True Calling



Chapter 1 – What is Purpose?

The Difference Between Purpose and Goals

The Dimensions of Purpose

The Pursuit of Multiple Purposes

Critical Elements of Purpose

Chapter 2 – Keys to Finding Your Passion

Give Yourself the Opportunities

Allow Yourself to Explore

Look Closely at What You’re Doing

Question Yourself

Always Test Your Passion

Chapter 3 – Setting Personal Goals That Fuel Your Purpose

The Importance of Goals in Living a Purposeful Life

Harnessing the Power of Setting Goals

Chapter 4 – Being Proactive

Taking Initiative

Prevail or Be Prevailed Upon

Become More Aware of Your Proactivity

Chapter 5 – Begin with the End in Mind

Living With the End in Mind

Design or Default

Writing Your Own Script

Develop a Personal Mission Statement

Chapter 6 – Leveraging Positive Visualization

Building a Foundation

Creative Visualization

Integrating Creative Visualization into Your Life

Chapter 7 – Mastering Personal Management

The Four Rules of Self-Management

The Power of a Strong and Independent Will

Time Management

Chapter 8 – Learning to Overcome Negativity

How to Develop Personal Resilience

The Brain and Resilience

Chapter 9 – Leveraging Mentors and Coaches for Your Personal Development Mentoring and Coaching Continuum

Key Principles of Quality Coaching and Mentoring

Impact of Coaching and Mentoring

Chapter 10 – Learning to Live a Balanced Life

The Physical Dimension

Spiritual Dimension

The Mental Dimension

The Social Dimension



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