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Life of Contentment

Life of Contentment


Chapter One: Understand Satisfaction Is A Mindset

  • What Does It Mean To Be Satisfied?
  • Lack, Abundance, and Satisfaction
  • Practice Satisfaction 

Chapter 2: Learn The Difference Between Expectations and Wants

  • Turning Wants Into Expectations Can Lead To Satisfaction Troubles
  • Losing Satisfaction From Lost Experiences

Chapter 3: Self Love Isn’t Easy

  • Self Love Doesn’t Have To Mean Stagnation, Just Satisfaction
  • Making Self Love Easier
  • Take Yourself Out For Some Self Care
  • Be Around People Who Love You

Chapter 4: Tame Your Inner Voice

  • Step 1: Focus On What The Inner Voice Is Telling You
  • Step 2: Counter Each Negative Phrase With Something Positive 
  • Having An Out Of Control Positive Inner Voice

Chapter 5: Less Is More

  • How Less Is More Can Lead To Satisfaction
  • This Applies To Everything

Chapter 6: Know When Social Media Is Toxic

  • What Is Toxic Social Media?
  • How To Overcome Toxic Social Media
  • Clearing Out The Errant Toxicity

Chapter 7: Don’t Be Afraid To Try New

  • The Base Level Of Happiness
  • What New Things Should I Try?

Chapter 8: Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination

  • Focus On What Really Matters
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Rest And Just Be Content
  • Have Some Fun


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