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Motivation Mojo

Motivation Mojo



Chapter 1 : What is Motivation?

  • Why do you need motivation
  • Types of motivation in your life
  • Motivation and de-motivation

Chapter 2: The Mind Game of Motivation

  • Where does motivation come from
  • Respective view on life
  • Your greatest enemy

Chapter 3: What is De-Motivation?

  • Downfalls of reminaing de-motivated
  • How to conquer de-motivation
  • Why you let yourself remain de-motivated

Chapter 4: Motivation in your Personal Life

  • Everyday task
  • Personal development
  • Why you strive for more

Chapter 5: Mastering your mistakes

  • Change in every step
  • How mistakes can help you
  • No pain, no gain

Chapter 6: Misconceptions about motivation

You are alone

You need push to shove

You need motivation for big steps

Chapter 7: How Can You Keep Yourself Motivated?


Planning your steps

Keep on track

Rewarding yourself

Chapter 8: Motivation; The Hero and The Villian

  • Motivating yourself to do something
  • Motivating yourself to not do something
  • The importance of pros and cons



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