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New Life and Mantras

New Life and Mantras

Figuring Out What You Truly Want To Change In All Areas Of Your Life!


What Is A Mantra? A Mantra is a sound or a word that is being repeated frequently in mind or out loud that results in silencing the constant noise and chatter of your thoughts. 


The word Mantra in Sanskrit means, ‘man’ pertaining to mind and the ‘tra’, or instruments, which makes mantra a “mind’s instrument.” The sound of ‘tra’ also means ‘free’. Therefore, a mantra is a tool that helps in freeing the mind from all negative state. 


Inside this eBook are the information that you are about to learn:


  • Chapter 1: Mantra Basics
  • Chapter 2: Figuring Out What You Truly Want To Change In All Areas Of Your Life
  • Chapter 3: Using Mantras For Abundance In Love
  • Chapter 4: Using Mantras For Abundance In Finances
  • Chapter 5: Getting In The Right Mindset
  • Chapter 6: The Difference Between Positive And Negative Mindset In Mantras
  • Chapter 7: All About Chanting
  • Chapter 8: How Meditation Fits In
  • Chapter 9: Advantages And Disadvantages
  • Chapter 10: Conclusion
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