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Passive Income Tycoon

Passive Income Tycoon

Contents Chapter 1:

  • Why Passive Income is the Ultimate Business Model
  • Using Passive Income to Begin Truly Wealthy
  • What it’s Like to Have Multiple Passive Income Streams


Chapter 2: What to Expect and How to Approach Passive Income

  • Great Expectations
  • The Right Approach


Chapter 3: Top Passive Income Models for Selling Products

  • But Wait… How is Selling a Product Passive?
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Digital Products
  • Dropshipping
  • POD 
  • Automated Reselling


Chapter 4: How to Make Your Products Actually Sell With Zero Input 

  • Creating a Sales Page
  • Route to Market, Choosing Your Product and Selecting a Niche


Chapter 5: Flawless Marketing for Auto-Generating Cash 

  • Your Buyer Persona
  • A Fool-Proof Ads Strategy
  • Perfecting Your ROI


Chapter 6: Making Passive Income From a Blog or Other Content 

  • Content Marketing and Branding
  • More Strategies for Earning Passive Income From a Website


Chapter 7: Service Arbitrage Reselling Services


Chapter 8: Selling on Kindle and Creating Apps 

  •  Introducing Kindle Publishing
  • How to Make a Book That Will Sell
  • Creating and Selling a Mobile App



  • PDF Download

    Please note, as with all downloadable information, unless otherwise stated, it must not be edited, shared, lent, sold, or posted on any form of social media, in full or in part.  Anyone found doing so may be subject to legal proceedings.

    Printed copies may be made by the purchaser, but only for their exclusive use and must not be given or sold to anyone else.

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