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Simple Habits of Greatness

Simple Habits of Greatness

Is greatness something we have or something we can achieve?  Is it natural born or simply waiting to be brought forth from within us?


The truth is, that for reason, are seem great from birth, whilst others have to work at it and that is exactly what this ebook is designed to help you do, find the greatness within.


Chapter 1 - Habit - Meaning, Characteristics, and Role

  • What exactly is a habit
  • Characteristics of habit?
  • Why habits are key to our health
  • Why you must develop good habits


Habit Formation

  • How we form habits
  • Basis of habit formation
  • What are examples of habits?
  • Why do humans have habits?
  • Why are habits so hard to break?
  • Measure for effective habit formation


Types of Habits

  • Habits of character
  • Intellectual habits
  • Motor habits
  • Conscious habits and hidden habits
  • How to identify your hidden habits


Breaking Bad Habits and Breaking Down the Habit Loop

  • The 3 parts of the loop
  • Examples of the loop in action
  • How to break the loop
  • More tips to break habit


Habits, Health, and Success

  • 10 habits of successful people
  • 10 habits of super-healthy people


Powerful Daily Routines for a Healthier Life

  • Habit vs routine - key difference
  • How a daily rougtine changes your life
  • Daily routines for good health and more energy
  • Daily routines for an organized life
  • Daily routines for a stronger relationship
  • Sticking to your routine


20 Best Habits to Have in Life


Destructive Habits

  • 10 bad habits that could be destroying your happiness
  • 8 unhealthy habits you need to break now




This comprehensive 77 page ebook, could be just the answer you have been seaching for.

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    Printed copies may be made by the purchaser, but only for their exclusive use and must not be given or sold to anyone else.


    If you are a therapist and you wish to use these products with your clients, you will need to purchase one download per client. We do offer discounts when you join our membership scheme. Please see the website for details.

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