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The Gratitude Plan

The Gratitude Plan



Chapter 1 – Defining Gratitude

Gratitude as a State of Being

Gratitude as an Emotion

Chapter 2 – Finding Gratitude in Society

Gratitude in Today’s Time

Chapter 3 – Using Gratitude in Your Relationships

Communicating Gratitude

Chapter 4 – The Power of Positive Emotions and Gratitude

Benefits of Gratitude

Chapter 5 – Mindfulness, Meditation, and Gratitude

Mindful Living Day-to-Day

Mindfulness Practice Through Meditation

Practicing Gratitude Mediation

Chapter 6 – Unbalanced Gratitude

Superficial Gratitude

Obligatory Gratitude Reestablishing Balance

Chapter 7 – How Gratitude Empowers

Become More Optimistic 

Become More Thankful

Become More Energized

Find Meaning in Life

Become More Sociable

Chapter 8 – How to Learn Gratitude

They Have Realistic Expectations of Life

They Are Unconditionally Happy

They Accept That the Good Comes With the Bad

They Are Optimistic

Chapter 9 – Developing Gratitude Habits

Developing Habits

Practicing Giving

Writing Gratitude

Chapter 10 – Cultivating Gratitude in Your Life

Gratitude Meditation Practice

Gratitude Meditation Journal Practice

Gratitude Journal Practice

Gratitude Breathing

Gratitude Reminders

Family Gratitude Practice

Gratitude Letter

Thank-you Notes



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