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Wired to Succeed

Wired to Succeed

  • Introduction

Chapter 1: Change Your Mindset Now for Success in Your Life 

  • The Law of Attraction
  • Understanding Perception
  • Positivity and Belief

Chapter 2: Define Your Goals

  • Have a Vision
  • Don’t Let Others Define Your Goals
  • You Can Do Anything… No, Really!
  • The Five Whys
  • Write Those Goals and Let’s Get Started

Chapter 3: Start Making Better Decisions

  • Misguided Strategies
  • Making Steps Out of Your Goals
  • Fear Setting

Chapter 4: Mitigating Risk and Learning From Your Mistakes 

  • Mitigating Risks
  • Recognize the Power of Your Choices Kaizen

Chapter 5: Working With Others

  • Ask for Forgiveness, Not Permission
  • Being a Lion
  • Getting Feedback and Working With Others
  • Be Aware of Toxic People

Chapter 6: Focus on Results – Work Smart, Not Hard

  • Freeing Up Mental Space
  •  Invest in You
  •  Creating Business Models That Succeed

Chapter 7: Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Removing Your Weaknesses

Chapter 8: Think About Every Decision

  • Why Every Decision Matters

Chapter 9: Don’t be Afraid to Switch Course

  • How to Change Trajectory
  •  Springboarding to Success in Multiple Areas

Chapter 10: Step Back From Your Emotions 

  • How to Take Back Control

Conclusion and Summary 

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