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We are currently recruiting additional coaches, and will update this page soon.

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Owner and Head Coach at She's Confident Coaching

Karen Ferguson, the driving force behind She's Confident Coaching, is a seasoned professional dedicated to empowering women to embrace their true selves with boldness, bravery, and beauty. With over 23 years of experience as a therapist, counsellor, hypnotherapist, trainer, and coach, Karen's journey has led her to create She's Confident Coaching with a clear purpose in mind.

Recognising the immense potential and inherent beauty within every woman, Karen felt compelled to establish She's Confident Coaching as a platform to guide women on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. Her own experiences and unwavering belief in the power of authenticity served as the catalyst for this venture.

Through She's Confident Coaching, Karen aims to help women break free from societal expectations and embrace their authentic selves. It is her heartfelt belief that every woman deserves to live a life filled with confidence and fulfilment. This is the reason She's Confident Coaching came into being – to provide a supportive and empowering space for women to embark on their personal journeys of self-discovery and growth.

As the owner and Editor of Life Magazine for Women, Karen extends her mission of empowerment by creating a vibrant community where women can find inspiration, support, and encouragement.

She's Confident Coaching stands as a natural extension of this vision, allowing Karen to provide guidance and transformative coaching experiences to women seeking to unlock their full potential.

Karen's dedication and passion have garnered recognition and accolades within the industry. In 2022, she was honoured with the Mo2vate Magazine Inspirational Woman Award, a testament to the impact and influence she has had on the lives of women. Her coaching approach, combined with her own personal journey, has positioned her as a beacon of strength and authenticity, inspiring women to embrace their true selves and live their lives with confidence.

She's Confident Coaching is not just a business venture for Karen; it is a heartfelt mission to empower women to live authentically, embracing their true selves and creating lives that reflect their inherent beauty and brilliance. Through her guidance and unwavering support, Karen is committed to helping women cultivate the confidence to navigate life's challenges, celebrate their uniqueness, and shine brightly in their personal and professional endeavours.

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Customer Service Representative

Taylor Quill has been a valued member of our team since the beginning. They are a key part in ensuring that we provide high-quality products and that each customer receives the best service possible.

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Sales and Service Lead

Kris Ward has been a part of the great She's Confident Coaching family from the start, and plays a vital role in making sure our clients receive top-notch service and a satisfactory shopping experience.

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