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Are you a confident woman who wants to use your skills and knowledge to coach other women? Are you looking for a ready-to-go coaching programme to use with your clients? Do you want to be part of a growing network of supportive women?

If so, She's Confident Coaching wants to talk to you!

Becoming a coach with She's Confident Coaching can offer numerous benefits to women. Not only is there potential for financial gain, but it also provides female coaches with a sense of purpose and opportunities for self-development within our Coaching programmes.

As a She's Confident Coaching coach, you can use your expertise to assist other women in similar situations. In addition to that, we offer regular meetings designed to help you develop your skills and business. Being part of our supportive network also allows you to learn from and share experiences with other women.

Working with us at She's Confident Coaching has both personal and professional advantages, making it a great opportunity for any woman looking to become part of our growing team. Our Founder, Karen Ferguson, has 23 years of experience as a therapist, trainer, and coach, which allows her to support other women and create real change in the lives of her clients. Those who become  She's Confident Coaching coach can enjoy financial rewards, develop their own skills, and help other women achieve success.

You don't have to be a coach already to join us, but you should have a role that allows you to be or become insured to work with clients. Being committed to your work and efforts is essential, and there is a financial investment required for the training. We believe that this investment ensures we work with dedicated women who are passionate about growing their business through their work and efforts, and it's worth the investment.

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