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Nothing makes your heart sing quite like a fabulous review

Thank you for doing this Karen. It really did help me realise a few bits I’d never really had the chance to think of before. It’s made me realise I should be a little bit more grateful for current relationship and how kind he is. I am super proud of myself how much I have accomplished overall thank you again!oxox

Mollie - The Empower 5 Day Challenge

I took part in the 5 day Empower challenge and it really gave me an insight into where there are gaps for improvement and it pushes you to think deep. With support, encouragement and guidance from Karen it's a great start to a better future!

Nicole - The Empower 5 Day Challenge

Thank you for holding this space for us I truly appreciate it. I really enjoyed this challenge, I found it thought provoking and enlightening and it made me dig deep. It shows you’ll always have things left to heal no matter how far you’ve come on your healing journey and although I was proud of how much I’ve recovered, healed, worked on myself etc, I know I’ve still got more work to do and I’m going to continue digging deep.

Kim - The Empower 5 Day Challenge

I have worked with Karen on a one to one basis and got so much from her coaching programme.
I am really excited that she has now put her knowledge, wisdom and amazing positive attitude into these wonderful products.

Alex Harris - Cambridgeshire

Working with Karen at Lifetherapy UK Coaching made such a difference to my mindset. I became more confident and proactive which allowed me to grow by business by 300% in 6 months.

Alison Simpson - Edinburgh

I was stuck. I knew I wanted to make changes but I just didn't know what to do. Karen helped me to become clear on how I wanted my future to be, helped me create the right plan to improve my thoughts and general attitude and things became much easier for me. I am now working in a role a absolutely love and earning £15,000 more than I was before.

The money I invested in myself by doing this programme was definitely worth it. 

Emma Josephs - London

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I really wanted to leave my relationship but my confidence had been so badly damaged that I just didn't think I could do it.

Karen totally understood where I was coming from and she really helped me get clear on what I wanted and how my future could look.

I'm already so much more confident and I know I can do this.

Lisa Peters - Cambridge

Learn how to be confident enough to walk away from a lousy relationship and build your own self worth so you can make better choices in the future.


I honestly didn't know whether I wanted to go or stay, I just knew that I didn't want thing to carry on how they were.

This programme has taught me how to ask for what I need, to set boundaries, and more importantly, how to stick to them.

The changes have surprised my husband and I'm not certain he likes it, but I do!

Hollie Williams - Leeds

My problem wasn't with my partner so much as some of my friends.  I had met them at a time when I was struggling and they got used to me pretty much agreeing to anything they suggested.  I worked hard to get over my difficult time but struggled to build new boundaries with these friends.

Empower really helped me, as I walked away from a couple of these people and found out how to shift my relationship with the others into a much more balanced one.

Jess Browne - Maidenhead

I'd tried to leave a couple of times but my partner always reeled me back in with promises to change.  He didn't.

He didn't see it coming this time and I cannot tell you the sense of satisfaction I felt when I finally walked away!

Eva Saunders - Cambridgeshire

I knew I was ready for a new relationship but I was nervous about ending up in another bad one.  Empower helped me to work out what I wanted, what would work for me, how to deal with people who step over my boundaries (which I didn't even know about until I did this!) and I felt far more confident to step back into dating.

I was able to walk away from men who just weren't right for me without worrying about wha they thought.  I have learned to be more confident and value myself.

Erica Phillips - London

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